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Acacias in NAMIBIA according to the Tree Atlas of Namibia

A. arenaria

S. ataxacantha

V. erioloba

V. erioloba x haematoxylon

A. erubescens

A. fleckii

A. galpinii

V. haematoxylon

A. hebeclada subs. hebeclada

A. hebeclada subsp. tristis

A. hereroensis

V. karroo

A. kirkii

A. luederitzii

A. mellifera ssp. detinens

A. montis-usti (endemic)

A. nebrownii

A. nigrescens

V. nilotica

A. reficiens

A. polyacantha (photo in South Africa)

A. robynsiana (endemic)

A. robusta subsp. robusta (only Impalila island)

A. schweinfurthii (only Impalila island; photo in SA)

A. senegal var. rostrata (introduced)

A. sieberiana

A. tortilis subsp. heteracantha

A. xanthophloea (introduced)


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