Costa Rica

According to ÔÇťAmerican species of Acacia by Lourdes Rico (2007) there are the following species of Acacia s.l. to be found in Costa Rica:

with thorns

Myrmecophilous, spicate inflorescence

Vachellia collinsii (see also Yucatan)

Vachellia cornigera

Vachellia hindsii

Myrmecophilous, capitate inflorescence

Vachellia allenii

Vachellia cookii

Vachellia ruddiae

Non myrmecophilous

Vachellia macracantha

Vachellia farnesiana var. guanacastensis

with prickles
capitate inflorescence

Senegalia polyphylla

Senegalia riparia

Senegalia tenuifolia

with spicate inflorescence

Senegalia hayesii

as well as two Acaciella species
Acaciella angustissima and Acaciella villosa

In gardens you will also find some of the Australian phyllodineous Acacias.