South Africa

In the last years a lot of new Acacia species have been described from Africa, too. There are actually 51 recognized species, subspecies (ssp) and varieties (var) of the genus Acacia, that occur within the borders of South Africa. One recognized hybrid is also included.

According to Dr.Johan Hurter from SANBI in Nelspruit (he has now moved to Western Australia) more new species will be described in the future.

As Mr. Bruce Maslin told me, the new names will be published soon.

A special page has been opened for The Climbers

186 A. arenaria
160 A. ataxacantha
160.1 A. borleae
160.2 A. brevispica ssp. dregeana
161 A. burkei, big leaflet form small leaflet form
162 S. caffra /A. multijuga
162.5 A. chariessa
163.1 A. davyi
A. dyeri
163.5 A. ebutsiniorum
168 V. erioloba
169.1 V. erioloba x A. haematoxylon (= A.giraffae?)
164 A. erubescens
164.1 A. exuvialis
165 A. fleckii
166 A. galpinii
167 A. gerrardii ssp. gerrardii
167.1 A. goetzei subsp. microphylla
168.1 A. grandicornuta
169 A. haematoxylon
170 A. hebeclada ssp. hebeclada
170.1 ssp. chobiensis
170.2 ssp. tristis
171 A. hereroensis
172 V. karroo and the karroo-complex
173 A. kirkii (not counted as RSA species)
172.2 A. kosiensis
173.1 A. kraussiana
174 A. luederitzii var. luederitzii
174.1 A. luederitzii var. retinens
176 A. mellifera ssp. detinens
176.1 A. mellifera ssp. mellifera
177 A. montis usti
172.1 A. natalitia (in the karroo complex)
177.1 A. nebrownii
178 A. nigrescens
179 V. nilotica ssp. kraussiana
179.3 A. ormocarpoides
179.1 A. permixta
180 A. polyacantha ssp. campylacantha
181 A. reficiens ssp. reficiens
182 A. rehmanniana
172.4 A. robbertsei
183 A. robusta ssp. robusta
183.1 A. robusta ssp. clavigera
184 A. robynsinia
184.1 A. schweinfurthii var. schweinfurthii
184.5 A. sekhukhuniensis (= Nr.131 Ross, according to J.Hurter)
185.1 S. senegal var. rostrata
185 S. senegal var. leihorachis
187 A. sieberiana var. woodii
187.1 A. stuhlmannii
187.2 A. swazica
187.3 A. tenuispina
172.3 A. theronii
188 A. tortilis ssp. heteracantha
188.1 A. tortilis ssp. spirocarpa
163 A. welwitschii subsp. delagoensis
189 A. xanthophloea

Numbers are the official tree numbers of the Dendrological Society of South Africa

Status: 12.10.12