Species list Asia

List of Asian species (without Australia and Pacific Islands) and some subspecies resp. variants

“Some of the species listed under China and India are in need of revision and therefore the names may change, if new circumscriptions of species are decided upon. (I.Nielsen)”

The following new list is based mainly on two articles: Maslin et.al (2013) and Ragupathy et.al (2014) - see literature survey.

Status: 17.4.2014
Number of Species: 54 plus 10 additional subspecies or variants (+ 6 doubtful names)

Senegalia andamanica
Vachellia bolei (= V. wightii)
Senegalia borneensis
Senegalia caesia
Senegalia comosa
Senegalia delavyi var. delavayi
Senegalia delavayi var. kunmingensis
Senegalia diadenia conspscific with S. caesia
Senegalia donaldii conspecific with S. pennata
Senegalia donnaiensis
Acacia eburnea - conspecific w/ V. hydaspica
Senegalia gageana (*)
Vachellia gerrardii ssp. negevensis var. negevensis
Vachellia gerrardii ssp. negevensis var. najdensis
Vachellia harala
Vachellia harmandiana
Senegalia hohenackeri
Vachellia hunteri
Vachellia hydaspica - conspecific w/ A. (Vachellia) eburnea
Vachellia inopinata
Senegalia intsia (*)
Vachellia jacquemontii
Vachellia johnwoodii
Senegalia kekapur
Vachellia kingii
Senegalia kostermansii
Senegalia lankaensis
Senegalia lenticularis
Vachellia leucophloea var. leucocephala
Vachellia leucophloea var. microcephala
Senegalia mahrana
Senegalia meeboldii
Senegalia megaladena var. megaladena
Senegalia megaladena var. garrettii
Senegalia megaladena var. indochinensis
Senegalia merrillii
Senegalia modesta
Vachellia myaingii
Vachellia nilotica ssp. cupressiformis
Vachellia nilotica ssp. hemispherica
Senegalia palawanensis
Senegalia pennata ssp. hainanensis
Senegalia pennata ssp. insuavis
Vachellia planifrons
Senegalia pluricapitata
Senegalia pluriglandulosa
Senegalia pruinescens
Vachellia pseudoeburnaea perhaps conspecific w/ A. eburnea
Senegalia pseudointsia
Senegalia rugata (substitutes A. concinna)
Senegalia siamensis = A. craibii
Senegalia sulitii
Vachellia tanjorensis
Senegalia tawitawiensis
Senegalia teniana
Senegalia thailandica
Vachellia tomentosa
Senegalia tonkinensis
Senegalia torta (*)
Vachellia tortilis ssp. campoptila
Senegalia verheijenii
Senegalia vietnamensis
Vachellia yemenensis
Senegalia yunnanensis

A. brunnescens
A. microcephala
A. obcordata
A. pachyceras
A. pseudoarabica
A. yemenensis ssp. obtusifoliata

Acacias s.l. found in Asia, which have been counted as a separate species in one of the other three check-lists:
(names not yet adapted to new terminology)
African Species
American species
Australian species see: www.worldwidewattle.com

Acacia abyssinica, Aca
Acacia asak, Aca
Acacia concinna, Acu
Acacia cornigera, Aca
Acacia crassicarpa, [J]
Acacia edgeworthii, Aca
Acacia ehrenbergiana, Aca
Acacia elatior, Aca
Acacia etbaica, Aca
Acacia farnesiana, Aca
Acacia hamulosa, Acu
Acacia hockii, Aca
Acacia karroo, Aca
Acacia laeta, Acu
Acacia leptocarpa, [J]
Acacia mangium, [J]
Acacia mearnsii, [Ph]
Acacia megaladena, Acu
Acacia mellifera, Acu
Acacia midgleyi[J]
Acacia oerfota, Aca
Acacia oraria, [Pl]
Acacia paolii, Aca
Acacia pubirhachis, [J]
Acacia senegal, Acu
Acacia seyal, Aca
Acacia simsii, [Pl]
Acacia spirorbis, [J]

(*) possibly conspecific with Senegalia caesia
Aca= Acacia, Acu= Aculeiferum; [Ph]=Phyllodineae, (J)= Juliflorae, Pl=Plurinerves