From the
Flora of China : Checklist 04Sept 1998
with some comments from Prof. I Nielsen , 2.12.2004

New: Very reduced list in Flora of China 10, 55-59, 2010. Only a few are
local ( Chinese or Asian) species



A. auricoliformis

A. caesia

A. catechu

A. catechu var. wallichiana

A. concinna

A. confusa

A. dealbata

A. decurrens

A. decurrens var. dealbata

A. delavayi var. delavayi

A. delavayi var. kunmingensis

A. farnesiana

A. glauca, belonging to the West Indies ( I.Nielsen)

A. hainanensis

A. intsia var. caesia

A. julibrissin = Albizia julbrissin ( I.Nielsen)

A. juliflora ; Australian species ( I.Nielsen)

A. lebbeck = Albizia lebbek ( I.Nielsen)

A. leucocephala = Leuceana leucocephala, Central America ( I.Nielsen)

A. macrophylla

A. mearnsii

A. megaladena var. garrettii

A. megaladena var. megaladena

A. mollis

A. nilotica

A. pennata ssp. hainanensis

A. pennata ssp. kerrii

A. procera = Albizia procera ( I.Nielsen)

A. pruinescens var. luchunensis

A. pruinescens var. pruinescens

A. richii, Australian species ( I.Nielsen)

A. rugata = A. cocinna ( I.Nielsen)

A. scandens

A. senegal

A. sinuata

A. stipulata = Albizia chinensis ( I.Nielsen)

A. teniana

A. tonkinensis

A. vietnamensis

A. villosa, species from central America ( I.Nielsen)

A. virgata = Desmanthus virgatus ( I.Nielsen)

A. yunnanensis