Genera in Australia

According to Flora of Australia, Vol 11, there were 955 species of Acacia s.l. in Australia. Meanwhile a series of new species has been described, bringing the total number for Australia to min. 988,  Acacia pennata being the new type specimen.

New combinations in the Genus Vachellia from Australia have been made in 2006 by Kodela and Wilson (in telopea), see:

Status 19.4.2014:

V. bidwillii
V. clarksoniana
V. ditricha
V. douglasica
V. pachyphloia
V. pallidifolia
V suberosa
V. sutherlandii
V. valida

not counting for Australia V. nilotica and V. farnesiana

Australian species of Genus Senegalia:

S. albizioides
S. angustissima (naturalized)
S. catechu
S. pennata
S. sinuata (naturalized)

all the other species remain in Genus Acacia:

Section Alatae, appr. 23 species

Section Botrycephalae, appr. 45 species

Section Juliflorae, appr. 280 species

Section Lycopodiifoliae, appr. 22 species

Section Acacia (was Phyllodineae), appr. 419 species

Section Plurinerves, appr. 221 species and

Section Pulchellae, appr. 26 species

a total of 1036 Acacia species