Acacia aneura

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From the Acacia Studygroup Newsletter 118, September 2012:

"B. Maslin and J. Reid have recently completed a revision of Mulga (Acacia aneura and its close relatives) in Western Australia (see literature list). Twelve species have been recognized in three informal groups, the Blue, Grey-green and Green Alliances. Five of these species had previously been recognized (being A. aneura, A. ayersiana, A. craspedocarpa, A. minyura and A. paraneura). Seven new species are described, being:
A. aptaneura, A. caesaneura, A.fuscaneura, A. incurvaneura, A. macraneura, A. mulganeura and A. pteraneura. Five of these species have formerly been traeted as varieties of A. aneura."

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