Mimosa - Festivals

Mimosa Festival Mandelieu 2005Mimosa Festival Mandelieu 2005

The French holiday areas have been clever to start marketing in 1999 the beauty of the Mimosa during the low tourist season, in our winter – when the Mimosa blooms. From Bormes-les-Mimosas to Grasse eight little towns have joined to form the “Route de Mimosa” .

They organise corsos with carriages decorated solely by Mimosa (where up to 8 tons of Mimosa are used in each corso), with music bands, circus animals, artists of all kind. Miss Mimosa is elected in various places. Bus excursions are offered to the Tanneron area (“Golden Route”). Local artesania markets (soap, eau de toilette, table covers…) are organised.

During the bus tour the Acacia plantations and the forceries (to accelerate blooming) are shown, and people can buy all kind of stuff.

The golden flower balls are the charme of the Cote d`Azur in winter.

The 130 km of Mimosa Route offer an exceptional panorama which contrasts with the cities: the deep blue sky, the yellow Mimosa and the white of the snow capped mountains.

Corso Mandelieu 6.2.05Corso Mandelieu 6.2.05   “Mister Mimosa” de la Confrerie du Mimosa“Mister Mimosa” de la Confrerie du Mimosa