Mimosa - Trees and pots

Mimosas are also sold in pots to be planted in gardens, parks and along the roadside. There is a variety of some 20 Australian species and hybrids that are available from horticulture companies.
Pictures of the main taxa of Acacias in Southern France:

Mimosa of the four seasonsMimosa of the four seasonsA. dealbata var. dealbata

A. dealbata var. pendula

Hybrids (cultivars) of A. dealbata with A. baileyana:

President Doumergue
Gaulois, Gaulois var. Astier

A. decurrens

A. cultriformis

A. baileyana
 Hybrids of A.decurrens with A. baileyana
 Bon Acceuil (Mimosa vert)

A. retinoides (Mimosa of the four seasons)
 var. Glauca
 var. Lisette - Pots offered at the Mandelieu regional fair 5.2.05
 var. Imperialis

A. longifolia (Mimosa Chenille)

A. podalyriifolia (Mimosa Moutteana)

A. vestita (Mimosa St. Helene)

A. spectabilis

A. redolens (Mimosa vanille)

A. howittii (Mimosa Couteau)

A. baileyana var. purpurea

A. x hanburyana is a hybrid of A. podalyriifolia with A. dealbata. It shows bipinnate leaves emerging from the border of the phyllode.

grafted young plantgrafted young plantA. dodonaeifolia

A. buxifolia

A. boormanii

The price for a small pot starts at 20 Euros. Depending on the size of the plant it rises to 35 Euros for 1,0-1,5m, 56 Euros for 1,50-1,75m and 102 Euros for 1,75 to 2,00m. Bigger pots are available for up to 530 Euros.

At a regional fair a 2 m high cultivar of A. dealbata was offered for 55 Euros.

The soils along the Cote d`Azur are often alcaline, which Acacia dealbata does not like too much. Therefore the gardeners graft A. dealbata onto A. retinoides, which, however, is less frost resistant.
In Bormes-les Mimosas Mr. G.Cavatore, a horticulteur, has built up a “National Mimosa collection“ with 180 different species, many of which can be bought. http://www.mimosa-cavatore.com
But the total business for landscaping is only a fraction of the cut flower business.